How Container Investments Work

Investment in 3 Easy Steps:

 You Buy Tank Shipping Containers from Us...

 We Lease them on your behalf to International Shipping Companies...

 You Receive Rental Income in USD...  

Investor Benefits

60% of the world's containers are leased through container leasing companies
Tank Containers last 20 years v 10 years with Dry Box Containers and attract higher lease rates 
 Long term commitment with steady returns in US Dollars. Hedge against the Euro
 Attractive alternative investment which forms part of a diversified investment portfolio
 Strong utilization rates guarantee robust investor returns
 No Transaction or Stamp Duties costs unlike the acquisition of property or shares
 Low risk investment:-Low technology with no obsolescence factor and require little maintenance
 Long term returns:-tank containers are designed to have an operating life in excess of 20 years
 Strong residuals of up to 30%:- resale values for tank containers are strong based on their nickel content
 Low entry investment level - Investors can start with just one container


Upon finalisation of all required documentation and receipt of the investment cost by Tank Invest (Europe), container ownership is transferred to the investor. A Certificate of Ownership evidencing title is issued in the name of the investor detailing the tank container serial number and certifying that the tank container is free of encumbrances. Tank Invest (Europe) will then arrange for shipment of the container/s whereby a management agreement is signed for the tank container specifying "Date of Entry" and "Operating Pool" together with terms and conditions for management of the container. Tank Invest (Europe) will appoint an international lease manager which will lease the container/s to end users as part of a pool of tank containers. Typically leases are secured for three to five years providing a predicable revenue stream. Lessee's are credit approved according to strict rating criteria to mitigate risk. 

The rental income generated is divided, after deduction of expenses, amongst the respective investors in proportion to the number of tanks owned. Even if a particular investor's tank container happens to be out of active use for some time, the investor will still earn a return. A statement reflecting details of rentals, costs and fees, will be issued every quarter. Rental income distributions made by Tank Invest (Europe) will be paid in US Dollars. An investor can purchase one or more tank containers from Tank Invest (Europe).  For more detailed projections please e-mail for further information.